1606 Wellington Ave, Suite G. Wilmington, NC 28401



Welcome to DWI Assessments and Counseling Services.  

My name is Frances Rowe Shotwell and I am the counselor in our office, located near the hospital on 17th Street in Wilmington, NC. I am a Wilmington native and feel fortunate to live and work in such a fabulous city surrounded by beautiful beaches, winding, plentiful rivers, idyllic scenery and eclectic culture. I graduated from Laney High School in Wilmington and went on to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Education. I later attended Webster University in Myrtle Beach, SC, completing a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Dowtown, Wilmington, NC
Dowtown, Wilmington, NC

I am a bilingual licensed clinical addiction specialist (LCAS) and am committed to guiding those who struggle with the repercussions of alcohol and drug use. I’m also committed to involvement in the greater area counseling community by serving on the board as treasurer of the North Carolina Foundation of Alcohol and Drug Studies. 

Aside from my passion for supporting the community in this way, I have a penchant for painting, yoga, traveling and a deep desire to understand a range of cultures.

I opened DWI Assessments and Counseling Services in 2005 in order to help guide those charged with a DWI through the process of DWI arrest and conviction. It’s our intention to help you take the necessary steps that will illuminate the road ahead. Our committed and knowledgable staff members have years of experience answering the myriad of questions that can arise when a person or loved one has been charged with a DWI.


Please take a minute to browse around our website in order to better understand what you can expect from us and from the process. We’re here to help. It’s our ultimate goal. So, please call or stop by to ask any questions you may have.   aclk

Kindest Regards,

Frances A. Rowe Shotwell, MA, LCAS, CCS

Frances A. Rowe Shotwell, LCAS is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist with 15 years experience in the field of alcohol and drug counseling.
Frances A. Rowe Shotwell is a licensed clinical addiction specialist with 15 years experience in the field of alcohol and drug counseling.

1606 Wellington Ave. Suite G  *  Wilmington NC 28401

Phone: (910) 796-0963

Fax: (910) 796-0965

Email: dwiservices@bellsouth.net


What to bring to an  Assessment:

  1. Cost of assessment ($100 per case) in cash or money order.
  2. Ticket, BAC (breathalyzer/blood test/or documentation of Refusal)
  3. NC lifetime driving record (uncertified). Let us know if you need assistance in obtaining record when scheduling appointment.  Cost is $10 on DMV website.
  4. Photo ID if available (recommended).



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